The breasts are a part of the body which a woman finds almost impossible to ignore. They can play a crucial role in your sexual identity as well as in your nurturing role as a mother. They tend to change size and shape as you progress from puberty to old age. It is important to know which of these changes may need investigation. The discovery of a suspicious lump for example, is a traumatic experience for any woman. However, 9 out of 10 breast lumps are not malignant or cancerous. There are a number of benign or non-cancerous breast conditions and diseases that if correctly diagnosed, are relatively easy to treat and keep under control.

Think Pink, Be Breast Aware

Breast Screening
Common Breast Problems
Not all breast problems are breast cancer, benign breast disorders may arise as a result of the cyclical hormonal fluctuations that occur in every woman before menopause or during the menstrual cycle. These disorders are in fact part of a spectrum that extends from a normal state, to overt benign disease.
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
The diagnosis of cancer usually evokes multiple emotions of anger, depression, anxiety, a sense of helplessness and vulnerability. Cancer affects not only the patient but also the patient’s family and open communication between family members is important. Intimacy issues between partners must be addressed and can be problematic as each partner tries to come to terms with their feelings.
X-ray of Breast Cancer
Breast Screening
The Best Protection Is Early Detection, Early Detection Saves Lives. Detecting breast lumps early can save your breast and cure the cancer. However, in order to safely eliminate the possibility of breast cancer, it should be mandatory for every woman to examine her breasts on a monthly basis or go for regular checks.

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Dr Lim Siew Kuan is a consultant general surgeon with more than 10 years of surgical experience. Her sub-specialty interest is in breast surgery, and the management of both malignant and benign breast conditions. She did her advanced training in Breast Oncoplastics and Reconstructive Surgery at the National Cancer Center, South Korea. This allows her to provide her patients with better treatment and cosmetic outcomes. Dr Lim is one of the few breast surgeons in Singapore who is trained in oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery.


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