A woman’s breasts nourish, nurture and comfort a woman’s children and they contribute to her sexuality and femininity. Every woman wants to enhance her assets but it is more important to take care of them so that she can prevent diseases as well as the signs of ageing. Breast care is essential for every woman regardless of how young or old she is.

Geared towards the gentler sex, Dr SK Lim is on hand to provide a wide range of breast care services to her female patients. She endeavors to provide patients with her utmost care and management with her services.

From diagnosis through treatment and after-care, we work with our patients every step of the way, providing, support and guidelines through a range of breast care services including breast imaging, biopsy, breast cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation.

Breast Care Services

  • Breast Care

    • Breast screening including clinical breast examination for healthy women.
    • Counselling on inherited breast cancer, BRCA mutation carriers.
    • Evaluation and work up of women with abnormal breast imaging and/or biopsy results.
    • Evaluation of breast symptoms including breast lumps, pain, and nipple discharge.
    • Microdochectomy or total duct excision for the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal nipple discharge
    • Fine needle aspiration of breast cysts and abscesses.
    • Ultrasound guided diagnostic core biopsy of breast lesions and lymph nodes
    • Ultrasound guided minimally-invasive removal of breast lumps (mammotomy)
    • Surgical excision of breast lumps and drainage of breast abscesses
    • Stereotactic guided vacuum assisted biopsy (mammotomy) of microcalcifications on mammogram.
    • Surgical treatment for accessory breasts
    • Surgical treatment for gynaecomastia
  • Breast Cancer Surgery & Reconstruction

    • Breast conserving surgery with oncoplastic techniques to maintain good breast cosmesis
    • Mastectomy, skin sparing and/or nipple sparing mastectomy, with or without reconstruction
    • Sentinel lymph node biopsy for early breast cancer
    • Oncologic axillary clearance for cancer-involved axillary lymph nodes
  • General Surgery

    Outside of breast care, Dr Lim is well trained in common general surgical procedures such as diagnostic, and therapeutic laparoscopic surgery, bowel resection, appendicectomy, gallbladder resection, and lumps and bumps excision.

    She also performs diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures like gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

    • Gastrocopy
    • Colonoscopy


Dr Lim Siew Kuan is a consultant general surgeon with more than 10 years of surgical experience. Her sub-specialty interest is in breast surgery, and the management of both malignant and benign breast conditions. She did her advanced training in Breast Oncoplastics and Reconstructive Surgery at the National Cancer Center, South Korea. This allows her to provide her patients with better treatment and cosmetic outcomes. Dr Lim is one of the few breast surgeons in Singapore who is trained in oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery.


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